We leverage the law to protect your identity & restore your credit.

ID theft happens when you least expect it

Not every crime scene is marked with yellow tape. You might be home, your kids playing outside when a calculated criminal rifles through your mail, steals your information and creates multiple financial accounts in your name. And the best part? You’re stuck dealing with the consequences.

And it’s not always your mailbox. Your information could become lost in a massive data breach, or hacked and stolen through the dark web. No matter how your identity was taken, a law was broken. And it’ll take the law to repair the damage.

More than 140 million American identities were recently stolen.

The missing piece in ID protection? Credit restoration

It doesn’t matter how your identity is taken, what matters is what you do about it. For most identity theft protection services, that includes only a single step: insurance to cover financial loss.

Frankly, that’s not good enough. Identity theft can leave a scar on your credit report, and without adequate help to repair those inaccurate negatives, it may not recover. With OnTrack, we don’t just protect your identity, we restore it.

OnTrack: The difference between safe and sorry

24/7 Identity Monitoring

We’ll monitor your information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, alerting you of any suspicious activity.

$1 Million Theft Insurance

We offer $1 million identity theft insurance for our clients and their family. This includes stolen funds and cash reimbursement.

Leveraging the Law

The experienced lawyers at Lexington Law utilize consumer protection laws to keep your identity safe.

US-Based Support

Our US-based agents are ready to answer your questions and assist you with your ID protection.

Financial Insights

Planning your future is protecting your future. OnTrack includes visualization tools to help you manage your finances.

Credit & FICO® Score Tracking

Part of protecting your identity is understanding it. That’s why OnTrack includes monthly FICO® Score tracking.

Don’t wait.
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